Regarding the "Notting Hill" garbage, which all girls back on the late 1990's seemed to worship and admire

(well – girls, you know)

This lousy flop may just be okay as a sleeping pill, but nothing else

Due to the fact, that almost all films made during this decade are pure disaster, extremely violent and unwatchable, I've decided to finally check this bit of late-1990's up and perchance to FINALLY comprehend, why all girls liked it so much.

I still cannot comprehend that. I mean – By all the non-existing gods, What a sheer boredom!

Let's start with the fact, that that flatmate-character? Ain't working fellas. Just ain't working. It is wholly undecipherable, why should an intelligent chap, such as this Book-seller, choose such a lousy nobody of a retarded idiot for a flatmate and then keep him on a permanent basis. I mean, why the hell??? Aren't there any more reasonable persons for him to choose from?? I mean, the one and ONLY reason for him being there, is to serve as an obstacle, so the writer and the director actually tell you, "yep, we know it's actually impossible for him to be there, but we need him there for our own [astonishingly DUMB] reasons, so just accept it and shut the fuck up about it". NOT good, pals, not good at all.

Second, I don't believe anyone but me could have noticed this regrettable fact (after all, due to some unfathomable reason, this garbage got only positive reviews, just about everywhere…), but BOTH GRANT AND ROBERTS, AREN'T ACTUALLY THERE AT ALL. I mean, their bodies naturally are, but their minds do only think "oh fuck, how the hell did I agree to take any bloody part at THIS horrible, unwatchable flop? Ho well, let's just go on with the part and have it over with, damn it".

I had wasted quite some precious minutes, which I might have spent doing more intellectually valuable stuff (just about ANYTHING really) on THIS worthless piece of junk; but, when they began blurting some things regarding horses (don't ask me how that came about, couldn't realize it myself and could not have cared less either way), I've decided I should rather be feeding my brain with something cleverer than this pure and total bunch of bullshit.

DON'T watch it, that's all I have to say – and don't be friends, with anyone who likes it; they're bound to be just as idiots, as that non-convincing flatmate-person.

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