A Police Investigation

Imagine that, in order to become a citizen, you are invited to an investigation, at the police station nearest to your home; without it, it is said, you will not be a citizen, period.

Q: Name?

A: [you give the officer your name]

Q: Current address?

A: [your current address]

Q: Marital status?

A: [your marital status – let's assume it's "married"]

Q: Date and place of your first kiss?

A: WHAT???

Q: Don't play games here mister!! When, where and under which circumstances did you first kiss? And please, BE HONEST AND PRECISE regarding your feelings then!! AND now.

Or, perhaps:

Q: At what restaurant did you dine last night? The exact and accurate name, address and phone-number for verification, please and I DEMAND you will supply us with at least ONE good photo of your dinner. Also, I demand you will tell us PRECISELY who were you with – ALL attendants please!! Do NOT try to hide any name!! – supply us their names, addresses, phone-numbers and RECENT AND CLEAR picture for each – as well as who ate what, at PRECISELY what hour, did you order each and every dish, how was it like, supply CLEAR pictures of ALL the said dishes AND tell us, exactly, how you felt!!


So far as I know, such police-investigation doesn't take place.

It doesn't NEED to. As the answers for ALL the above questions and much, much more, are being supplied freely, by practically EVERYONE who is being asked to, usually and mostly with long, soul-searching confessions, for THE ENTIRE BLOODY WORLD TO SEE.

It's called FACEBOOK. And Instagram. And Twitter. And lots upon lots upon LOTS of other such horrible websites. The israeli restaurants-"reviewing" website, "rest.co.il", supplies ALL its surfers with current, and constantly updating information-ticker, regarding who, exactly, booked a table, at which restaurant and at which time. The notorious "okcupid" asks zillions of ULTRA-intimate questions (down to: "which is the craziest place you've had sex?" or "how often to you brush your teeth? / change your towel?" or "how old were you when you first kiss?"). An israeli bar, "the shuffle" (located at florentine chic neighbourhood, south-western Tel-Aviv), had recently bribed the surfers of its facebook-page with a free meal, in exchange for the information about "the cool guy, who was here last night, please tag him, we want to give him a meal too"…

Today STASI, meine Dammen und Herren, DOES NOT NEED to use torture; Almost THE ENTIRE POPULATION, GLADLY gives it ALL information it demands of them, out of their own free will – and out of this free will, they ALSO give away their closest Friends, Family-members, Lovers, even!! Because – hey, they asked!! I MUST respond!!

Though I had been through most such horrible websites, thinking about it now – personally, I would much rather die, than have an account, at any of them, EVER again brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



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