My Reply to a Slovakian Girl

You know, I would have loved to join some tours, at that city of yours… HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THAT PRIME-MINISTER OF YOURS, DECLARING ALL NON-CHRISTIANS UNWELCOME LAST AUGUST!!!!
I remember this shock very well. See, I used to really LOVE Slovakia, had actually been there a few times (last one by the end of May 2014), both in Bratislava and Levoca and have visited Sturovo and Vrutky, too. I had considered your land, to be one of my most favourite, too, more than ANY of its neighbours!! But then, that slovakian führer go, and hanging up a sign, declaring: "Muslims, Jews and Dogs are not welcome"?!?
And he did that, against KURDISH Refugees. Well, I am Kurdish, too: had my Paternal Ancestors not come to the land, which later became Israel, I might very well have been one, of these refugees!!
I'm unwelcome to that bloody country of yours. So, gibberings about how "wonderful" it is, are no longer welcome of my internet-browser. Fuck y'all.

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