An Update

As, except myself, ALL people in this country are naturally born retards, there shall no longer be any Hebrew in this Blog; ONLY English (perhaps with some German words, here and there).

You sure have all heard of the atrocities, being carried out by the neo-nazi jewish "government" here in isra=HELL and its mad, openly nazi supporters. A "prime-minister", who's a neo-nazi hitler-admirer and holocaust-denier, the ISIS-like wedding und so weiter. It's getting worse here all the time, with the intense collaborative support and assistance from nearly ALL "opposition" parties, led by those imbeciles from the so-called "labour" and their closest allies, "merets" retarded feminists political party – as bad as lapid's pro-nazi minions and all his yakhne-supporters. In fact, ONLY the "Joint List" of political parties (predominantly Arabs, with a few old-school, stalinistic """marxists""") are still standing firm, against the nazi enemy; all others are willing collaborators, "opposition" only in soft and empty words.

And the majority of the Arab politicians aren't any better either – and OF COURSE, absolutely NO ONE in the kneseth gives a damn about Ecology, Veganism, the Environment, Animals, Trees and so on. Trust me, they do not.

If only I could, I would have left this Country. But I cannot – I belong to the Land.

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